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The Promise (Filipino: Ang Pangako) is a Philippine movie. It is a revival of the movie “Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit”, which was based on the international novel Wuthering Heights. It was starred Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin.

A grandfather is walking along the beach when his grandchildren catch up to him and inquire about the lighthouse that looks over the waters. He replies by telling them that the lighthouse is older than he himself and tells him a story about it. The story is about a young girl named Andrea (Angel Locsin)and her older brother Jason whose parents work in a sugar cane field of a family called the De Veras. One day, Andrea finds a dirty boy hiding out in their truck. She screams for help and her father comes along, pities the boy and takes him in as his own son.
As the years go by and the children get older, Andrea and the boy, Daniel (Richard Gutierrez) grow very fond of each other while Jason becomes jealous of Daniel because of how much attention he has gotten from his family. One day Jason and Daniel got into a fight when their parents weren’t home and Jason beat him up and told him that he’d be sleeping outside that night. Andrea goes out to comfort Daniel and the two imply that they love each other, despite their young age. The two play together and pretend to get married: Andrea is the bride, Daniel the groom and the De Vera’s daughter, Monique,(Rhian Ramos) is the bridesmaid. Monique complains that she is always the bridesmaid and now she wants to have her turn at marrying Daniel. One day, Andrea’s parents have news that they’re moving into the hacienda behind the De Vera mansion and Jason, disappointed that he won’t actually be living in the big house, runs away…

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After a lot of comments concerning Megavideo time limit, here is a way to bypass the 72 minutes time limit:

Step 1: Click PLAY button of Megavideo movie, click PAUSE and wait for the video to buffer to 100%.
Step 2: After the video is done buffering, go to your menu bar on your browser, and click on File > Work Offline.
Step 3: Watch the movie.
Step 4: Unclick the “Work Offline” button and do the same with other movies.

Q: I’m getting this message while watching videos on Megavideo: “You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait (?) minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.” Why and what to do?


Megavideo has a timer on videos. It does not happen all the time or to everyone. You may purchase the premium membership if you want but we do not advise or condone it.

Video Time Limit Solution {No More Time Limit}
Alternative Solution: (This can be done if you get time limit message)

1. You should use Mozilla Firefox browser. Download it from here
2. Download the plugin time limit solution from this link
3. From Mozilla Firefox browser, click File -> Open File and open the downloaded movie.xpi.
4. Install the plugin and restart your browser.
5. You can now watch the movie in full and please don't forget to donate to help us pay for the web hosting.


1. Allow the video to load completely or at least halfway, to stop video buffering.

2. Start the video and then hit PAUSE until it has fully or halfway loaded. As the video is loading, you should see a yellow or gray line. The line you see will get longer as it loads.

3. Close all windows that you don't need. Having too many windows open will slow the loading process down.

4. Resume play once the video is at least halfway loaded or fully loaded. By this time you should be able to enjoy the video without the video buffering or constant starting and stopping. It will be helpful if you go do something else and return once the video has fully loaded.